piatt_sm_logoAbout Piatt Consulting

Piatt Consulting was formed in 2008 by the former Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contract Program Director, David Piatt to help insurers and self-insured companies understand their reporting obligations under Section 111 Mandatory Insurer Reporting.  We played a large role as an honest broker in helping Medicare understand the insurance industry, including: representing pools and other non-traditional insurers, mass tort insurers, clinical trial sponsors and suggesting some of the first reporting thresholds.  In the process, we developed Medicare Consul Services, a full suite of software reporting tools and reporting agent services.   In 2012, we expanded our services to include resolving Medicare reimbursement claims (liens) and helping insurers and self-insured companies protect Medicare's interest by assessing cases at risk of HHS OIG litigation seeking recovery of future medical costs and providing Medicare Set-Asides when they are needed.

We know the law.  We know Medicare.  We are the experts.

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