David Piatt founded Piatt Consulting and is the principal shareholder and Managing Partner of Medicare Consul Services LLC (MCS), an independent business dedicated to Mandatory Insurer Reporting services. He started Piatt Consulting based on his experience managing Medicare's national recovery ("liens") efforts as the Program Director of the Medicare Secondary david_piatt_smPayer Recovery Contract (MSPRC). Working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to consolidate and standardize the disparate ways the previous 38 separate recovery contractors handled the recovery, he streamlined or reinvented almost every process.  He also represented the interests of the MSPRC in meetings with the COBC and CMS in the of development the Section 111, Mandatory Insurer Reporting requirements and processes.  Those modifications are still reflected today in the NGHP User Guide.  After leaving he was an avid advocate of the insurance industry and can be credited with clarifying who is and is not a Responsible Reporting Entity (RRE), liability reporting thresholds and reporting timelines.  He continues that advocacy today as new questions and problems arise.

Mr. Piatt is a frequent speaker on Medicare Secondary Payer laws, Health and Human Resources (HHS) regulations and CMS policy for national insurance associations, defense attorney associations and plaintiff attorney associations.  He has consulted with Fortune 100 insurers on meeting MSP laws and Mass Tort issues. The company's software reporting solution, Medicare Consul Services (MCS), is used by agents to process claims for self-insured Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as by Third Party Processors for self-insured Government and commercial insurers.tiv

Mr. Piatt has held senior executive positions in commercial business and government contracting. He began his career as an aerospace engineer and transitioned to developing complex information technology solutions for the payment processing and the banking industry.