Reporting just a few claims per year?


Mandatory Insurer Reporting Agent Software

Small Business Solution

Piatt Consulting announces Medicare Consul Services Small Business Solution. If you need a web-based solution to report only a few claims per year, MCS has a solution for you.  While our system readily handles electronic data interchange, we designed the system with manual entry in mind.  MCS Small Business Solution offers:


  • No software to install or maintain
  • Easy Company, Plan and Policy Holder set up with automatic TIN Reference File generation
  • Intuitively organized screens for entering injured party, product liability, payment (TPOC & ORM), Representative and Claimant
  • Case Management tools to facilitate data entry so you can stay on top of reporting
  • Online ICD 09 descriptions and "pick list" to help you find the right codes

  • Receive alerts and error reports in time to deal with outstanding issues
  • Use built-in Medicare reporting rules that know when to report updates
  • Includes Medicare reporting validation to identify potential errors before you report
  • Manage Medicare Mandatory Insurer Reporting

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    Reporting is not just a matter of gathering up your data once a quarter and shipping it;  it has to be updated, checked and monitored throughout the year.brochure v1

    • Assign data entry to other organizations (e.g., claims department) or plaintiff's attorney and let him supply the beneficiary information
    • Configure Mandatory Insurer Requirements business rules
    • Manage the workflow process and contacts
    • Create an audit trail to show compliance and
    • Really manage your Medicare Mandatory Insurer Reporting requirements.

    Whether your lean IT staff can build a solution only they can manage for $100,000, or your fully staffed, highly organized, IT organization promises a $500.000 system to manage millions of transactions, our multi-tier subscriber solution will meet your needs at a small fraction of cost.

    Pricing includes a one-time ASP license and small annual fee.

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